NFTC Mastery Group Coaching

Want to invest in real estate but don't know where to start? Start HERE! Join our weekly group coaching club and unlock your true potential! It's time to eliminate your fears! NO MORE fear of making mistakes, fear of uncertainties, fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing what to do next, fear of being overwhelmed... Isn't it time to pivot and do something different and to get different results? Are your dreams worth fighting for? Because YES you can buy that FLORIDA property you have always dreamed of or grow a real estate portfolio with GREAT returns!

  • Date: 09/29/2025 20:00
  • Location: Online Event

Price: $497

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PREDICTED! 40 million mortgages in the US are will default from the COVID crisis!

That's 4 times more than in 2008-2009!!!!

If you weren't ready to jump in back then, you will certainly want to be READY for this...

Those that are ready, excited, educated, and primed will make a killing... they'll experience a shift in wealth like they've never experienced before!

YES, it's possible to do it without money!

YES, it's possible to do it with other people's money!

YES, it's possible to use US banks!

Yes, it's possible if you don't have any US credit! 

Yes, it's possible to do it remotely!

Yes, it's possible to do it from any state or country!

Yes... it's POSSIBLE and it's WORTH IT!

It's time to eliminate your fears! NO MORE fear of making mistakes, fear of uncertainties, fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing what to do next, fear of being overwhelmed... 

Isn't it time to pivot and do something different and to get different results? 

Are your dreams worth fighting for? 

You see ... the main reason people live in fear is simply because there is a lack of certainty, clarity, knowledge, and direction. 

If we had a way to help eliminate these fears and instead arm you with strategic tools and support to help you achieve your dreams, would you join?! 

Of course you would! 

And this is EXACTLY why we have created J/K's "Now, For Tomorrow Club" - PREMIUM Membership! which includes Weekly Group Coaching Calls!

To help YOU get started the right way! 

It's simple. We are committed to helping YOU achieve YOUR dreams because we believe that YOUR dreams are worth pursuing!

We certainly understand that doing this business may not be easy, even more so if doing it alone... When the going gets tough, most people quit...

And that is why we are here! We don't want that for you! We won't let that happen to you!

It's time to stop dreaming and start doing! 

We want you to do Now, For (YOUR) Tomorrow! 

And now, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are rewarding action takers big time! 

If you want your life to change, YOU have to change! 

So ... What is J/K's "Now, For Tomorrow Club" - PREMIUM Membership and how can it help you? 

With the Now, For Tomorrow Club - PREMIUM Membership, you can now benefit from the Power of Proximity! 

Rub shoulders with Janie & Kyle every week and all of J/K's Online Content & Support!  

This is an exclusive networking group! A group that will meet LIVE every week so that we can answer all YOUR questions and help you stay focused! 

But wait... it's so much more than that!

Benefit #1:

Generate PASSIVE Income in the US from ANYWHERE in the World! Absolute Freedom of Geography! Truly live life on YOUR terms!

Value - Priceless! (We paid $100,000 so you don't have to!)

Benefit #2: 

Weekly LIVE "Ask-US-Anything" COACHING Calls (60 min)! 1-1 Coaching in a Group Setting! Have your questions answered live (in real time!) and always SHOW UP IN THE WORLD with all your power!

Value - $1,497/month

Benefit #3: 

Digestible Drip Educational Content! Always stay 1 step ahead! Learn something new every week so you don't get overwhelmed! 

Value - $497

Benefit #4: 

Leverage Technologies to Accelerate your Business! Learn all the tools that J/K use themselves!  

Value - Priceless! Over 4000+ days of Trial & Error!

Benefit #5: 

Connect with Other 'Now, For Tomorrow Club' Members! 
Increase your NET-worth through your NET-work! 

Value - Priceless!

Benefit #6: 

Library of All Past Monthly 'Now, For Tomorrow Club' Calls & Trainings! Never Miss A Beat!  

Value - $197

That's over $100,000 in Value!! 

BUT ...

With the "Now, For Tomorrow - PREMIUM Membership"; You will be getting SO MUCH MORE! 

Including, but not limited to... 

Benefit #7:

Access to The "What the Gurus Don't Tell You!" E-Course!                              
The Step-by-Step Guide you NEED to get started investing in US Real Estate the right way! 

This is what you need to know BEFORE purchasing your first US property. No guessing! Build your dreams up from a solid foundation!

That's $497 value

Benefit #8:

J/K's Remote Real Estate Resources Center!                                      
Get Access To Scripts, Templates, Contracts, Due Diligence Calculators, ... 

That's $4,997 value

"The Secret Weapon of Billionaire and Other Wildly Successful People... is to get a Coach!" 

TOTAL VALUE: That's more than $10,000/month in Value!!



If you don't see the acceleration potential of one-on-one coaching and literally being given the handbook, the step-by-step guide to achieving financial freedom through US Real Estate, then this is not for you. 

But if you know that with the right team, the right support, the right guidance, and accountability - surrounded by people who show up and give you their best, who will hand you all their tips, tricks & strategies on a silver platter, who can help you make this happen, then... the "Now, For Tomorrow Club" is where you want to be!

All this incredible value for only $197/month! 

But WAIT, there's MORE?!

We are committed to helping you attain your dreams because we BELIEVE and TRUST in the power of the human mind! 

We believe in YOU!

"Change your thoughts, change your life! Change your actions, change your life! Change your focus, change your life!"

So... we are putting our time & our money where our mouth is!

We are offering you the first month at $1! 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel the membership at anytime and we part ways as friends. 


Worse case scenario, you'll have lost $1! 


Best case scenario, you'll absolutely love working on your dreams and continue being a vested member of this club. In 3 years, you become a millionaire!

Without a shadow of a doubt, Kyle and I wish you the second option. 

See you on next week's Coaching Call!