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Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: "How can I invest in strong cash-flow, wealth building US real estate assets as a Canadian?" "Is it truly possible to invest in US real estate remotely?" "Can I really get double the returns for half the cost?" "Are returns on investments better than what we get in Canada?" "If I am going to invest in the US, how do I protect myself?" "Can I get mortgages as a foreign national if I invest in the US?"

  • Date: 09/29/2025 19:30
  • Location: Online Event

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J/K's FREE Monthly Real Estate Trainings! 

Join US Every 4th Thursday of the month!

Every month = NEW topic! 

Yes! It's possible! Everyone can do it! It's not easy ... but it's simple.

This monthly meetup group is designed for aspiring or seasoned real estate investors and entrepreneurs looking to generate unusually high profits via real estate by providing an essential service and without bending their moral compass.

We have made our wealth mainly through US real estate investing but have also made a lot of great profits right here in Canada!

This Group has a very transparent agenda; that is, to raise awareness and offer exposure to the incredible investment opportunities the US has to offer Canadians.

IMPORTANT: This Group aims to inspire and support its members through collaboration. Sharks will be harpooned immediately!

All investor knowledge levels are welcome.

If you believe you could learn and bring value to the group, please join and introduce yourself and become a Wealth Builder today!

Looking forward to YOUR success! Now, For Tomorrow!

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Janie and Kyle

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