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How can I build a profitable, scalable, and ethical real estate investment model WITHOUT dealing with Tenants, Toilets, and doing it from ANYWHERE in the world? We have cracked the code! Join our FREE & LIVE event on

  • Date: 10/24/2019 19:00
  • Location: 4030 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC, Canada (Map)


Straight from Montreal, this husband and wife team will show you how they find, invest, and manage niche assets remotely to create legacy wealth.

Janie began investing in RE at the age of 19 and now owns over 100 units. Kyle started investing while enrolled full-time in university and became financially free - at the age of 27 - using real estate.

Come and hear first-hand how they did it and how you can too!

Join us! Make sure to RSVP for this session.


The Results are in! You're asking for MORE!

From all the positive feedback we've received, we are excited, ecstatic, no TTTHHHRRRRIIILLLLEEEEEDDDD!!! to announce that we will be hosting our 9th Remote US Real Estate Investing Meet-up!

Mark your calendars and RSVP today for Thursday Oct 24th,  2019 - 7 pm.

No experience required & everyone is welcome. Doors will open at 7 pm for some networking fun; presentation will commence at 7:30 pm sharp.

*** FREE ADMISSION. Please RSVP; space is limited.

We have 3 Rules:
1- Be Cool!
2- Cooperate! Help each other out!

BONUS RULE: Tea and Coffee is FREE** IF you bring your OWN MUG!
Otherwise it's $1.00 for the cup!

Here is a quick AGENDA breakdown (approximate):

7 pm: Doors open, Networking + Refreshments
7:30 pm: INVEST FROM A SOLID FOUNDATION! 🙌 What to do BEFORE investing!
8:30 pm: Q & A + Networking
9 pm: End of Meet-Up

NOTE: ***In order to understand the material and be as effective and prepared as possible for our meetings, make sure to have read our free E-Book; J/K's Roadmap to YOUR 1st Million! One Property at a Time!


Scroll to the bottom, put in name and email, and it will be sent to your email directly!



The purpose of this Meet Up is to be a Resource for Education and Networking for all members looking to get started in US Real Estate Investing (whether it be via residential properties or multifamily properties).

This is a group for anyone interested in exploring OTHER options than investing in your own backyard (aka. MTL area); learning how to invest in US Real Estate REMOTELY, how to earn AMAZING Returns (nothing compared to Montreal/Canadian Real Estate), how to build legacy WEALTH, and how to RETIRE/BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE early via real estate.

We will be hosting (as much as possible) EVERY 4th THURSDAY of the month! And every month, there will be a case study or something of that nature. Feel free to let us know what you'd like to learn about.

The event will be hosted here: Château St-Ambroise - 4030 St-Ambroise Street, Suite 226 (2nd floor), Montreal

For more information or to check out the space, click here:

''Surround yourself with people who will help and support your vision!Now, For Tomorrow!''

Can't wait to meet you all very soon!!

Janie and Kyle 

Also, can you help our Meetup in two simple, easy ways?

1. Invite a friend to come with you.

2. Share our event on social media.

PS: Have a deal you are working on? Need some help? If you'd like the group to review your potential investment, then please contact the meeting organizer. If you're selected for the "Live" Deal, then bring the details and we'll work through it together.

Please contact us if you have a specific topic you would like to address to the group or have any other questions. See you there!