Kyle Duelund BSc, BEd, MTM
Co-Founder, Vice-President, and C.O.O

Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results!

Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results!

Kyle Duelund is the COO of Wemindji Properties, Inc. and S.T.R. Properties Inc., an alumnus of both McGill and Concordia University – holds a Bachelor of Mathematics and of Education as well as a Masters in the Teaching of Mathematics.

While still enrolled in full-time university studies, Kyle became financially free – that is at the age of 27 by investing in real estate. Kyle’s ability to understand, implement, and teach systems from his formal teacher training translates directly to his effectiveness in real estate investing.

Like a great chess match, Kyle enjoys the thrill and strategy of finding properties that fit strict investment criteria as well as tracking economic trends in both the local and global markets. Kyle was recently admitted into the Secret Knock and CEO Space International family, is a founder of S.T.R. Properties Inc. and believes in learning from mentors – people who have ‘’been there and done that’’; learning from OPM (Other People’s Mistakes).

Passionate about education, real estate, and mathematics, Kyle continuously strives to empower those with the courage and dedication to make this world - the only one we have - a better one for all.

Kyle Duelund