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- Janie Grenier, C.E.O

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Serial Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Real Estate Investors, and Business Mentors! Our Mission: Empower YOU to Create Cashflow & Become Financially Free! By Investing in US Properties at 1/2 the Price for Double the Returns!

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Is it truly possible to invest in US real estate remotely? Can I really get double the returns for half the price?

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Janie Grenier, RN, BScN

Co-Founder, President, and C.E.O

Leadership is Providing Inspiration and Vision then Empowering Others to Achieve this Vision!

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Kyle Duelund BSc, BEd, MTM

Co-Founder, Vice-President, and C.O.O

Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results!

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Mark Kerwin:

Kyle is just incredible. He is down to earth, super smart, wise way way beyond his years, and one of the hardest, smartest and sexiest workers we've ever had the pleasure, privilege and honour to work and co-create with. I feel like I'm surfing or riding astral waves when getting coaching with Kyle. I don't think or feel anything is beyond possibility with his guidance and mentorship, as well as friendship, and I can see us spending a lifetime learning and growing together with him and his visionary and artistic partner spouse Janie. We have done a ton of training, and gained something of a gem from all of them, but the cornucopia and rich wealth of juicy prosperity we get co-creating with Kyle and Janie is the best, including Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki and REIN training (which were good, but J/K is like the Tom Ford vs Hudson Bay store brand perfume of the others). We are confident, ready, armed and equipped now to take on the highest versions of ourselves, and our external highest dream with Janie and Kyle in our circle of genius and wealth adventure builders triangle. Outstanding. As Nigel Tufnel says about Spinal Tap's legendary amps in the iconic docu-drama This Is Spinal Tap, "but our amps go to 11!" Kyle and Janie go past 10 to an 11. And the music is outstanding and heavenly.

Now, For Tomorrow Club!
Mark Kerwin

Michelle L.:

Janie, Kyle and team are a real pleasure to work with and I consider them as my friends! They are down to earth lovable people with huge hearts and know their business so well! Always on top of things & organized, I trust them and love their influence on me. I admire them and am very grateful for accepting me on their team! My results are phenomenal - they truly handhold you to success and genuinely care about you! A dream come true! I know they don’t accept everyone on their team but anyone joining their team would be so lucky! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Michelle L.

Kevin P.:

Janie and Kyle have both done a great job helping me out over the years with the development and knowledge of Real Estate and Short Term Rental businesses. You have been great with assisting me with understanding the general structure of what one should do when looking to invest in any kind of Real Estate so that there is the maximum amount of profit and results from a purchase. Thank you for the continued support and friendship!!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Kevin P.

Mathieu G.:

These two are just AWE-SOME! They can show you to get --there to there-- with real estates. Great life story!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Mathieu G.

Mike R.:

Janie and Kyle are the real deal when it comes being "Investors", "Educators", "Connectors" and "Philanthropists"!!! They have a great mission to help and empower others in attaining their financial and life goals, as well as giving back to great causes. They consistently focus on growing and become more educated and better connected which drives success in the accomplishment of their goals in life, business and real estate. Thank you for sharing your journey - I look forward to seeing progress towards your many goals and accomplishments.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Mike R.

Philippe L.:

They gave me excellent advice!!! And helped me find my reason to persevere through all the ups and downs to achieve my goals!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Philippe L.

Genevieve P.:

I love these people with the heart in the right place; working hard to help people discover a way to reach their dreams!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Genevieve P.

Nick K.:

They are amazing and very professional ❤️❤️❤️

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Nick K.

Shannon L.:

5 stars. I recommend this team for their ability and dedication to providing short term rental educated assistance opportunities .

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Shannon L.

Pamela M.:

J/K Real Estate Partners really makes the partners aspect a reality. As a stay at home mom of 2 young toddlers, I could really see the benefit of what they offer, making real estate investments goals less scary and more achievable for me or anyone else for that matter. Their bus tour was great with showing me how I could partner with them in owning property in Cleveland, OH and using their system for either flips, long-term rentals, and short-term rentals. We got to see the city, meet their team, and others they too partner with as well. They really stand for the win-win-win people always talk about in real estate. I'm looking forward to growing with them. Hope you enjoy the bus tour as much as I did with these lovely people.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Pamela M.

K.E Ross:

A lot of excellent information being provided for new and veteran investors!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
K.E Ross

Wendy H.:

Incredible Event! Thank you Janie, Kyle and Partners - more value and content in this one event than several other events we have attended all rolled together. The experience and contacts that you share in US, Canada, and Short Term rentals is invaluable....For anyone looking at Real Estate as another option for Financial Freedom, this event and this power team is a must see!! 🏆Much success!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Wendy H.

James M.:

This training : J/K's U.S.A. Workshop - Investing from a Solid Foundation went way beyond my expectations ! The trainers are experienced, well surrounded and very very generous with their knowledge and contacts! They deliver so much great value that I can still not believe the price they are asking for this workshop. If you are thinking about investing in the US, stop thinking! This is a must.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
James M.

Brooke C.:

As someone brand new to real estate and wondering how and where to get started or if I could even do it,I had no idea what to do. I am so glad I learned about and had the opportunity l to have attended the USA Real Estate Workshop by J/K. I got so much more out of the 2 days than I every would have thought possible! Not only a clear vision of what I want in life but how it could actually be possible for it in real estate AND for someone like me! Everything was so well organized and the group and connections made with like minded people were so supportive and I feel ready to take the next step with all the tools I’ve learned. Thanks again guys!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Brooke C.

Richard B.:

The U.S. Real Estate workshop was great, it was a game changing training at a very cheap price.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Richard B.

Karl S.:

The workshop of Janie and Kyle was very helpful to know where to start investing in the US by sharing how to find opportunities, financing and to find great people to work with. I highly recommend the workshop - it is 100% worth it !:) Thanks Kyle and Janie! Hope to come with you to Cleveland soon!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Karl S.

Dino O.:

This week-end was awesome! I am more of an action person - so now, I really want to act on it. I would have loved to see more concret exemples of deals you guys did but I understand there is only so much time. Very cool that you guys proposed deals also! Thanks!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Dino O.

Mark & Sarosh:

We love Janie's online presence, She presents the other side of a powerful partnership with her spouse that has no equal. She is a triple threat quoting the Biebs himself, a boss, a babe , a beast. The overall long game and vision of Janie is creating billions and we are all excited to make massive impact, wealth and abundance with her and Kyle.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Mark & Sarosh

Marilyn T.:

First experience to me. Very impressed of the quality of the speakers and informations. Thank you!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Marilyn T.

Ranjit K.:

Kyle and Janie have been great in arranging the EPIC bus tour. I loved the whole experience. I was already investing on single family houses in the same market, but still the tour was very educational. The whole day was planned out very well and with lunch, followed by a very cozy accommodation.I cannot thank Kyle and Janie enough for taking time to walk us through the Cleveland neighborhoods and cannot be more modest for sharing their intellectual knowledge on real estate investment.

Now, For Tomorrow Club

Mark M.:

Great preso and clear concise info on how to succeed in RE south of the border- congrats to Janie, Kyle and crew as well as Stephen Fryer for his contribution and earlier intro to US real estate through OREIO and Smart Investor meetups in YOW that also reunites like- minded folks that see RE as the best means to attain financial freedom at any age! Congrats on putting it all together for us and keep sharing the dream!

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Mark M.

Genadi M.:

I've really enjoyed "J/K's U.S.A. Workshop - Investing from a Solid Foundation" workshop. It complemented my existing knowledge with golden nuggets of information that would definitely save me lots of time and headache in future. I'm looking forward for working in close collaboration with Janie and Kyle via their mentorship program as well.

Now, For Tomorrow Club
Genadi M.