J/K's Exclusive Partner Program

1:1 Coaching Programs

An opportunity to join US for an entire year of growth and evolution. With personalized 1:1 mentorship and these advanced educational programs, not only will you get started the right way, this knowledge will help you get to where you want to go exponentially faster! That is, financial FREEDOM through US Real Estate Investing and living a life on YOUR terms!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: www.jkprograms.club/pal-partner-form

  • Expected Deals/Units Acquired - 10 or $5,000/month of cash flow
  • Weekly Personalized 1:1 Mentorship (45 min per session)
  • Personalized Roadmap for Success
  • Comprehensive Deal Reviews - 2 per/month
  • Email Support
  • Voxer support
  • Discounted STR Management Rate 16%
  • Entrepreneurship Mastermind
  • The Alliance Mastermind
  • Preferential Access to J/K's Power Teams